Because mankind's capacity for stupidity is limitless

Valentines Day

Sweet nothings

#191 Cupid here. Hot enough for ya?

by 2Kens on February 13, 2012

Chemistry, chocolate, sausage and sewage …

And if you’re not sick yet, toss in love and madness. It’s how we humans half-bake relationships hoping for happiness every Feb 14. Assuming you’re still aboard the Tilt-A-Whirl of romance, we found some bizarre, last-minute Valentine gift ideas certain to bring one of two results tonight. Nobody’s ever survived either of ’em. Good luck, Jim. 😉

Linkage …

NY Times Cruises, Dickens World, Salami-grams, Love is in the air.

Music for lovers …

Nando, “My Everything”, Evangenitals “So Sweet”, Chad Scott “You Give Me Good Love”, Kilian MacGeraghty “Happy Valentine”, October Project “This Is For You”, Rod Clemmons “She’s My Girl.”



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