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#92 Redneck Summer Games

No place for redneck wannabees

by 2Kens on July 19, 2010

Woodstock, but with fewer teeth…

East Dublin, Georgia is no place for redneck wannabes to be. While the Mudpit Belly Flop continues to be a fan favorite, our pick to become an Olympic event is the Arm Pit Serenade. A close second would be Redneck Horseshoes, but that would just get the ASPCA panties in a bunch. Must admit, we enjoyed doing this story. Hey, we might be rednecks.

We’re gonna get rich…

More ammo this week for our stupid criminal tip line. Let’s see.. there’s the idiot in South Jersey who decided to up the ante with cops by posting bail with– well, ya gotta listen. Or the bozo in upstate NY who might want to re-think what he told the Border Patrol when asked “what’s with the ankle monitor?” Still another genius did stupid, disgusting and illegal stuff, then blamed it on being from another planet. We don’t make it up, folks.

What’s up with Texas TV? …

Maybe it’s because they don’t have GW to talk about anymore. You have to hear what passes for NEWS these days on local television in San Antonio and Houston.

Cheese sticks AND a neat job at the airport!…

The TSA is hiring. Wait until you see their cool new ad. Where? Just pick up the phone and order a large pepperoni and some nice boy willl bring the details. If it takes longer than 30 minutes, do we get a free flight? 

Musical guest…

Aussey singer/songwriter Gilli Moon’s new album (her 6th!) The Stillness is pure pop / AC greatness. Every cut is a heaping helping of self-awareness aimed at empowering all of us to go out and drink life to the fullest. Want proof? Bookend tunes “I’m Alive” and “Be”will ignite the fire for your own greatness. Follow Gilli on Twitter!

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