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#300 – Thumbs Up or Pack

by 2Kens on June 22, 2016

300 episodes and no heavy lifting

300 shows without breaking a sweat

If anyone had suggested in Dec. 2008 that we’d get this far … ? Good thing work’s its own reward. That’s the thing about podcasting. Day job’s required. As milestones go 300 is nice. In baseball 300 puts hitters and pitchers in the Hall of Fame. But we’re in the business of Schadenfreude. Soo satisfying 😛

 F-youYes, but they have polygamy

You get a great new job and excitedly move to your new city. Rent a super apartment, home sweet home. ‘Till the landlord demands you friend him on Facebook, or be evicted. Ooh, our kind of plot!  😉

 Fake it till you make itbad funny money

Picture this. Bloke strolls into a pub, pounds back a couple or 9 pints and pays the tab with funny money so ugly our 2 cats could sniff it out. Making them smarter than UK innkeepers.

Music from Alt rock band KONGOS (Take It From Me) and Aussie indie rockers, The Temper Trap (Burn).



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