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#70 Banker TV

by 2Kens on February 9, 2010

You get what you pay for guys

Colateral Damage…

Hearing about the Aussie banker who starred in his own reality TV disaster made us think about that 1991 Meryl Streep, Albert Brooks movie, Defending Your Life. This guy is what Rip Torn would have called a Little Brain.

Go Bessie GO!…

Toyota ain’t the only ones with a stopping problem. There’s a cow in the Netherlands with bad gas who set fire to everything in sight, thanks to her helpful vet. We thank our new best bud Barb in Atlanta for sending us this story. She wins a bunch of free tunes! All barn dance music.

Also this week…

Just in time for V-Day, candy bars you may not have heard of… a South Carolina law that’s hard to enforce (requires terrorists to really be good citizens) … and two stories that prove the coppers in Scotland wouldn’t know crime if it bit ’em under their kilts.

She Swings She Sways…

Our musical guest is an acoustic/folk band whose tunes are steeped in Americana, as you would expect from artists who grew up in Ottumwa, Iowa. She Swings She Sways have played more than 200 gigs while completing five tours of the Midwest.

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#2 NASA, meet Brita

Dec 27, 2008

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