Because mankind's capacity for stupidity is limitless

Todd Koal

#132 Red Carpet Cleaners

by 2Kens on February 28, 2011

Don't bother to click. We ain't doormen.

Might as well know, we hate the Oscars. Huh? You’d rather listen to a drinking show? What a coincidence. That’s what a few other turncoats told us. Pop open a brewsky and hear all about it. We are sooo hurt. whaaaa!

Other stuff we didn’t make up… a bozo screw up in Congress..  a robber who forgot to keep his eye on the prize.. ballpark food to die for.. and a car thief missing a tire. If you must drive drunk, learn to count!

Musical guest…

Todd Koal writes, plays and sings “Transcendant acoustic pop.” Canadian born and living in Vancover, BC he’s most often compared to U2. He’s waay better than Bono– for our money. We spin two tunes off Todd’s “Spirit is Flow” album, including the title track.



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