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Trent Arsenault giveth the FDA taketh

Season of Giving (and giving, and giving)

by 2Kens on December 23, 2018

We celebrate 10 years of You Can’t Make Up with this encore episode!

Gift of Life 1, FDA 0 …

The government has dubbed him a “one man sperm bank” and demands he abstain. But Trent Arsenault, father of 14 (four more on the way), says his free disseminations to women he meets online must continue. “Couples and women who can’t conceive need me.” Maybe so, but you’ve got bigger problems than the FDA. What a bozo! Meet the newest nominee to our 12 Day of Dumb Hall of Shame. Hey Trent, maybe you can work something out with the warden.

Happy Anniversary to US!

10 years?! On December 23, 2008 the 2 Kens began waltzing you down the garden path to Stupidville. That first show was a lot like the 2000 (and ’04) Presidential elections. Something we’d like to forget. If you do listen back, please be kind. 🙂



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