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Carrie's a Sissy. Na na na na na haaaah

#241 Prom Wars

by 2Kens on April 29, 2013

Happens every Spring. Snooki must be ROFLHAO over a protest some NJ moms and their future prom queens are waging. Strapless? Pfft. Child’s play down The Shore.

Lawmaker commend thyself. Meet State Senator Jon Lundberg. Never did a deed he couldn’t take full credit for. How do they get elected?

Plus, a freshly messed up batch of Fun With English … a counterfeit plot so devious Neal Caffrey would be jealous… AND a preview of the new album (drops June 4) from Brother Joscephus and the Love Revolution!



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Season of Giving (and giving, and giving)

Dec 23, 2011
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Gift of Life 1, FDA 0 … The government has dubbed him a “one man sperm bank” and demands he abstain. But Trent Arsenault, father of 14 (four more on the way), says his free disseminations to women he meets online must continue. “Couples and women who can’t conceive need me.” Maybe so, but you’ve […]

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Mad Men (the sequel)

Dec 18, 2011
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Donald Draper slept here… We found a treasure trove of the dumbest holiday ads eveeeeer created. If you’ve been very good little boys and girls this year we’ll stuff a few in your stocking. Gotta run, Santa’s into the sangria again. Happy 5th Day of Dumb, y’all! Oh, watch where you step tomorrow. Chased away most […]

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#172 Indiana Jones and The Rotten Graffiti

Nov 29, 2011
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We think we’ve unearthed Hollywood’s next blockbuster. Thanks to a pompous windbag archeology professor in England, Harrison Flockhart Ford may once again draw a paycheck. (Calista still works, right? 🙂 ) My oven’s missing a roast setting Just one of thousands of stupid things Butterball Hotline operators heard while you were gorging yourself last Thursday. We turned […]

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#101 Silly Season is Here

Sep 20, 2010
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We’d pay to hear his concession speech… The good news for Tennessee’s GOP is, Basil “Back to Basics” Marceaux did not win his party’s goober-natorial primary. (If you live there the bad news is 35-hundred people voted for him!) Frankly, with rousing website rhetoric like the following, we can’t understand why he lost:  VOTE FOR ME AND IF […]

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#77 Stupid Criminal Week

Mar 29, 2010
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If they handed out awards… For dumbness below and beyond in the commission of a crime, The Stupee goes to … well, we can’t decide. Each of these bozos has distinguished themselves in the fine art of idiocy. Tell you what- how about you listen to the show, then vote for your Stupid Criminal of […]

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#27 Happy Feet

Jun 8, 2009

Penguin poop… Scientists now track penguin migration by satellite. What we learn is, if it stinks, it ain’t extinct. Knock, knock… Green police, open up! Power companies in the US are installing “smart meters” to help us conserve. In the UK they may go one better. Have a nice day. A stich in time… A group of prisoners in […]

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