Because mankind's capacity for stupidity is limitless

tattoo for a mini cooper

#129 Anyone have a number for 911?

For faster response time use butter

by 2Kens on February 7, 2011

In case of emergency…

They may be your neighbor. Or the clerk at your corner deli. Or maybe even your postal carrier. This week we salute (careful which finger you use) those clueless folks young and old who can’t seem to figure out how to call for help- or when.

2Kens Comedy Solid Gold Collection

Other stuff we didn’t make up… how NOT to win a Mini Cooper.. rename your local Solid Waste dept .. a goofy NYC law to help women in a certain kind of fix .. AND — drum roll please — meet the hands down, absolute dumbest criminal in the entire world! (yep we got video)

Deirdre Flint for President…

Back for a fourth visit, the funniest singer-songwriter on the bleeping PLANET! When she ain’t doing this she’s laying down wicked bass lines for the Four Bitchin Babes. We spin two of Deirdre’s comedy tunes, “Past Life Regressed” and “King of the Rollerrama.”



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