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No Escaping a Mueller Party

#304 Masks Optional

by 2Kens on October 31, 2017

You can’t hide it

We missed you too. Also, the freedom to work when we want loses its charm when the tips suck. Buh-bye, Lyft! Anything happen while we were gone? 😛

sugar-high-gang240At least it wasn’t Spam

Somerville, MA must be one boring place to live. Located just north of Boston, the most densely populated municipality in New England threw a parade for a sandwich spread. Thousands turned out to cheer. High on sugar, no doubt. Also this week, more stupid criminal tricks. We stay away for months and the show writes itself. Love this gig! We sample two new covers of classic songs by Stephen Stills and Elvis Costello. Halloween’s here. Be safe out there.



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#302 Dissing Darwin

Sep 30, 2016
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Dying To Get In Happy International Podcast Day. We had planned to send you a nice card but Hallmark was sold out. Please listen for an exclusive medical marijuana offer instead. If you’ve been wondering whether Ken and I had expired, that happens to be our theme this week. Turns out those who hand out Darwin Awards keep an At Risk watch list. […]

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#300 – Thumbs Up or Pack

Jun 22, 2016
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300 shows without breaking a sweat If anyone had suggested in Dec. 2008 that we’d get this far … ? Good thing work’s its own reward. That’s the thing about podcasting. Day job’s required. As milestones go 300 is nice. In baseball 300 puts hitters and pitchers in the Hall of Fame. But we’re in the business of Schadenfreude. Soo satisfying 😛  Yes, but they […]

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#299 – Emoji Idols and Food Fights

Jun 7, 2016
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Granny’s Got Game In  the end, most find religion. Carmen Bustamante Barangó prefers the topless blender of emojis watching over her. This week we travel to Spain for a death bed curse straight out of The Godfather. Without casting family judgments we recommend not opening your Nana’s cedar chest after she’s gone. Ed: wouldn’t it be a hoot if this […]

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#298 – Google: God of Stupidity

May 31, 2016
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Keeper of collective intelligence or … Google is many things but caretaker of higher intellect ain’t one of ’em. The only real problem we find with this survey is many of these idiots legally can vote. Luckily for the rest of us, most are likely too dumb to find the ballot box. Montanans have the right idea, but […]

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#294 – Network Numb Nuts

Apr 13, 2016
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Say WHAAAT? Rod Serling would be so proud of NBC. The Nightly News weather graphics dept. brilliantly managed to both mistake WI for MI – and vice versa – and make roughly 16 million people early or late for everything! We believe their epic gaff also affected the cheese head state’s presidential primary. A stretch? Nope. Hard to refute […]

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#293 – 50 Shades of Brain Freeze

Apr 7, 2016
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Oh thank heaven Be glad you didn’t try to suck down the 64 oz. Ice Age Slurpee. A product that freezes your brain turns 50?! Explains consumer thinking and 80% of network TV doesn’t it? Let the masochistic gulping games begin! Speaking of torture What is it about people waiting tables that brings out the Conan in American diners? We used […]

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#290 – El Chapo You Don’t Know Hell

Mar 18, 2016
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No Signs of Intelligent Life Recent events suggest there really is something weird in the water, but when in doubt blame the stupid people.  How’s that for self-serving? 😉  Blowhard Trump and his Legion of Dolts get a pass.  The goofy H2O this week flows where you’d expect (Mexico) and where you’d least suspect (Hell).  No spoilers just […]

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# 289 – Aeschylus, Little Marco & Messages from Above

Mar 11, 2016
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Dylan said it best Their names, faces and abhorrent behavior have become the laughing stock of America.  Bad enough that Ted, Marco and ‘The Donald’ haven’t a clue what decorum and ‘acting presidential’ mean.  Worse, pulling us down with them into the muck and mire of a school yard game of kickball in a rain storm has […]

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Pick It, Earl

Dec 22, 2015
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Schooled Quick, name a trade that if you fail it usually means jail. Give up? Hel-lo! Image clue right there -> Not that picking a lock is difficult- not if you have a brain. Day 5 of our 12 Days of Dumb takes us to school – in a box. A lock cracker’s kit with a few flaws.  Find them and pull […]

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Break Over – #281

Mar 7, 2015

Pull! We’ve been away on safari in Punxsutawney, PA. Tracking ground hog in the dead of winter is tough. But someone had to make the varmint pay. Alas, we failed. Had plenty of ammo, too, thanks to those new vending machines! Need comfort food now. Luckily there’s one box left of KKK donuts we had […]

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