Because mankind's capacity for stupidity is limitless

St. Patrick’s Day

Herd Responsably

by 2Kens on March 17, 2012

Now just imagine trying this with a CAT! 😉



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#135 St Patrick Never Drank

Mar 17, 2011
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Here are eight minutes of your life you can’t get back. Hoist a few wee bits o’ fun and Celtic drinking songs from Irish-American rogue podcaster and cat lover, Marc Gunn. Sure and begorra!

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#75 Not Going Anywhere?

Mar 15, 2010
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Take your sleeping bag… Here’s 12 hours of your life you will never get back. But that’s just us. If you’re a theater snob, just being able to boast that you were there is probably worth the loss of all feeling in your legs. Forget that old warehouse you’re seated in. Ignore the rats. It’s show […]

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