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#296 – Straight On ‘Til Morning

by 2Kens on May 9, 2016

Remembering Jimmy Armstrong

 Astral Travel with Peter Pan

We began last week broken hearted.  Believing only fools attempt comedy when one of the truly best friends in this or any lifetime would never again laugh with us.   Jim Armstrong was gone and suddenly continuing this podcast seemed beyond unfeeling.  But then I remembered what Jim’s music partner, and dearest friend of 25 years, Andrea Poulis told us when we met over 5 years ago.  She said Jimmy was Peter Pan.  A boy who refused to grow up.  A man who believed his purpose here was to offer a hand up to the downtrodden- and to Mankind the sonic magic he so effortlessly pulled from his bottomless top hat.

Now Jimmy is off on an astral adventure, happily leaving us his rich, expansive treasure chest of beautiful songs.  Why?  Because writing and singing more of them has always been child’s play to this sweet, kind and gentle man who will always love Andrea, his little dog Jake, and to laugh.  That’s our cue.  Save us a dream or two in Neverland, great friend.  We definitely believe!

This week, farewell to Jim Armstrong … how to screw up a job interview … female James Dean cheats death (has Snapchat selfie to prove it) … how not to impersonate a state cop.

Music from Jim Armstrong (various original songs), Toronto trio Ferraro (Losing Sleep), The Roosevelts (Peaches), Hank Williams, Jr. (Take This Job and Shove It), Prince (100 mph /unpublished)



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