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#16 Barnyard Beauties

by 2Kens on March 23, 2009

Animal makeovers anyone?

Warm up your TiVo and gather up the pets, there’s a new show coming, destined to push Survivor to the Neilsen Family curb. Maybe not, but we know we’ll be watching.

Abolish these laws NOW

A half dozen stupid state and city laws Americans never knew existed. Ignorance is no excuse- unless you’re a lawmaker.


Who needs Spring Break when you can study pirates. No joke. The University of Chicago is offering the course and so far 150 kids have enrolled. It was either that or poly sci, NOT a required class if you plan to stay in town after you graduate.

Abdul for A-Rod, straight up

Just think kids, American Idol trading cards! Upper Deck is launching a set of more than 130 of your show favorites. Winners, losers and Paula, too. No word yet if stale bubblegum is included.

Awe geeze, gang- we luv ya!

We’re speechless, You loyal fans have pushed YCMIU into the top 50 shows on Podcast Alley! #47 last week (with a bullet)… Please go there and vote for us… we want to be #1. You guys are THE BEST! Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!

Not On the Radio

That’s the title of this week’s feature tune by the incomparable Geoff Smith. He’s the madman genius behind a ton of podcast jingles out there, and a big hit with Adam Curry and DSC. Run on over to the Podsafe Music Network and give him a listen!

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#14 Bon Temps Roulez Barbie

Mar 9, 2009

108 careers later She’s been an Olympic athlete, a Marine Corps sergeant, a dentist, an aerobics instructor, an astronaut and a rock star. Mattel’s wildly successful franchise, Barbie turns 50 today. More than a billion units of her likeness have been sold across the globe. Young girls keep playing with her, yet the critics haven’t quit. It’s a doll- get over […]

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