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penguin migration

#254 Ah, the good old days

by 2Kens on August 26, 2013

Life was so much easier when everyone knew their place :P

Fish were jumpin…

Summer’s dog days dwindle and we long for a time when life was easier. When everyone knew their place. If only Stepford Wives were real (and came with a generous trade-in allowance). 😛 One last vacation postcard. Our #1 all-time fan favoriteBe glad penguins don’t fly. 1fan_favs_thumbsup



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#27 Happy Feet

Jun 8, 2009

Penguin poop… Scientists now track penguin migration by satellite. What we learn is, if it stinks, it ain’t extinct. Knock, knock… Green police, open up! Power companies in the US are installing “smart meters” to help us conserve. In the UK they may go one better. Have a nice day. A stich in time… A group of prisoners in […]

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