Because mankind's capacity for stupidity is limitless


In lieu of flowers the family asks you consider giving lettuce, tomato, mayo & bread

#198 Pork. It’s what’s for Seder

by 2Kens on April 2, 2012

Jewish cuisine is an oxymoron…

Passover it on. Ah, Pesach. Eight days of pushing aside good tasting food and drink for … yuck! Keeping Kosher not your thing? Say it with us… Bacon!

Oh, get over yourself. Nothing here is sacred. (see 12 Days of Dumb).
Hey, c’mon back next week and we’ll wreck Easter for you!

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#18 Father, Son and Holy Goat

Apr 6, 2009

Wanted: church proof reader: With apologies to Rowan Atkinson for swiping his line from the movie ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ somebody really should be editing church and synagogue bulletins before the congregation reads them. As Passover and Easter converge we have fun with some classic religious oh-ohs. If there is a God, He forgives […]

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