Because mankind's capacity for stupidity is limitless


#140 Hello, BlondeStar?

by 2Kens on April 18, 2011

Always on because you're always blonde

You don’t have to be female to experience a blonde moment. Crazy things happen to mid-life men in hot cars. Take this breakdown lane bozo. In his defense, blue buttons, blue pills. Easy to get confused.

Other stuff we didn’t make up…

Russian con man has best line yet: Your eyes are getting heavy. When I snap my fingers you’ll be broke. Guy picks a bar fight with a TV bimbo star’s boy toy. How’d that work out? Like the man told Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate– one word: plastic. Seattle cops are super-productive and we figured out their incentive.

Fern's Easter Music for KidsWe have a special musical treat for the kiddies. Children’s singer/entertainer Fern Michonski brings her Easter Music for Kids to our Passover / Easter show. Matzo balls & chocolate bunnies for everyone!



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#13 Tortured by Technology

Mar 3, 2009

Apple didn’t like these Top 10 iPhone third-party apps rejected by Mr. Jobs & Co. Thankfully, consumer outrage forced Apple to reconsider ‘Pull My Finger.’ Nice to see good taste prevail once more. Is this a great country or what? Hello, OnStar? Can you help me? I tried putting my keyless entry fob against my face, like […]

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