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New Zealand

#292 – Baa-aaah

by 2Kens on March 31, 2016

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100 Divas

Every art form has its prima donnas. Divas. Actors, dancers, rock stars… just takes one to blow up a production. Imagine the fun when 100 bleating, over-eating opera singers slide down a chute onto a NYC stage.  Lambing season in all its glory. 😉

Race To The Loo Pit stop!

Okay this is just plain ___ no words. Come with us to the land of the kiwi where the Zip car is no match for a speeding looEd. professional drivers; don’t try this in the dorm.

Music this episode from San Francisco’s Thunderground Collective. A cacophonous mix of alternative rock, blues, jazz and activism with a passion for collaborative creativity to inspire community.  An acquired taste. One bite and goodbye Häagen-Dazs.



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#89 No Singing!

Jun 28, 2010
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There’s no place like home… It is something we rediscover every time we venture out. This week a bunch of whacky towns – and one entire state – are on our radar. There’s one in South Carolina where its illegal to pretty much utter any sound in public… a town for sale in New Zealand (including a […]

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#57 Creepy Claus

Dec 17, 2009
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That shook when he laughed… Like a snootful of botox. A sidewalk santa who scares the crap out of kids goes under the knife. And taxpayers picked up the $74K tab for the facelift! (guess they didn’t have a public option) All this village needs for Christmas is a group rate to see a shrink. Food and Nadas… Spreading musical holiday cheer are […]

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#8 Sleep well Chicago: Acne Cop is here

Feb 4, 2009

Mommy can I stay up and catch bad guys? He reported for duty at CPD in full uniform – except for his gun and badge. Maybe he’ll get those when he turns 15. Luckily his patrol partner was armed. Not terribly bright, but at least he’s a real cop. Those kiwi crooks sure are dumb Handcuffed together and […]

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