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New Jersey

$!@%^ Auto Correct! – #274

by 2Kens on October 27, 2014

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No one is immune but as alibis go that’s a FAIL!

Lawless in Waldo

Welcome to the speed trap capital of the Deep South. Y’all come back now, here?

New Jersey blows (0.08)

The Garden State needs a new slogan. How about DUI State? 2Kens have a solution. Wanna hear it? Listen to the podcast 😉

 50 Pence Challenge

A UK retailer wanted to light a fire under the sales staff so they posted a rah-rah sign. Where shoppers could see. Twitter noticed too. Oops.

Musical guest, Antigone Rising



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#166 John McCain Highway

Oct 17, 2011
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Visiting Gila Bend? Take the scenic route. Oh, wait! There isn’t one. That stretch of Arizona road has put more drivers to sleep than the last GOP presidential hopeful. Found a guy in NJ with bigger cojones than Chris Christie. Meet the publisher who thinks you should choose between reading his mag and a new Jetta. Same price. […]

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#159 Goodnight, Irene

Aug 29, 2011
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Cristie Creme… This week we reveal what really frosted NJ’s gov as Irene bore down. You’re reading this so you survived. As a reward EVERYONE gets access to our VIP show! Let’s see, there’s the court case that tipped the scales of justice – literally. Real estate sales are booming for luxury playhouses. Perfect wedding gift, […]

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#157 Crash Dummies

Aug 15, 2011
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Only other explanation?… Population control. Why else would someone put up uttlerly baffling road signs? We found nine more just as stupid as this one. Oh, and a classified ad for a crash test dummy for sale! It has to be the drinking water. Snooki’s got gamey game… Have you heard? Jersey’s Shore’s poster bimbo […]

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#127 See You at Mile Marker 202

Jan 24, 2011
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The Osmond’s went here… Planning the family vacation but money’s tight? We found the perfect low-rent budget destination. Even won awards. For what? No idea. At least the restrooms are clean. Everyone says so. Rusty, get in the car! Also on this week’s show… Listen with us as a TV sports commentator implodes his career in front of […]

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#109 Dysfunctional Gene

Nov 15, 2010
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This show originates at Four on a match… Meet Kelly, Barry, Shaun and Nicola, the UK entry in the World Cup of Marital Musical Chairs. Everyone is dummy in this odd little game of mate swap Bridge. If their kids are smart they’ll be elsewhere when the couples exchange vows again– not that the words, I Do […]

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#85 What Stinks?

May 31, 2010
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Stop and smell the… Garden State residents, wonder no more. We located that odor in New Jersey. (Hey, P- blame the other Ken for this) We were available… But instead, Wheaton College chose Ann Curry to deliver its Commencement address. Too bad she couldn’t find NBC’s research library before giving grads a history lesson. Sponge, scalpel, oops… Worst […]

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#69 PETA-tawney Phil

Feb 1, 2010
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Robo groundhog… PETA draws its usual crooked line in the burrow as Punxatawney PA prepares to light up another pre-dawn Feb 2 for Phil. Will this be his final year? Will a Dalek take over shadow patrol? Will this group of anmial rights loons live to fight another goofy battle? Stay tuned. Excuse me […]

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#12 Time to Make the Donuts

Feb 28, 2009

America runs on… It sure ain’t Dunkin’ Donuts but the good towns’ folk of Vassalboro, Maine don’t seem to care. Since the new Grand View Coffee Cafe trotted out their topless waitstaff nobody’s paid much attention to the menu – or the prices. Ignore those news stories about all the vocal protests, this town is hooked. Caffeine and prurient exhibitionism, […]

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