Because mankind's capacity for stupidity is limitless


#290 – El Chapo You Don’t Know Hell

by 2Kens on March 18, 2016

Beer In Hell Safer Than Water in Flint

No Signs of Intelligent Life

Recent events suggest there really is something weird in the water, but when in doubt blame the stupid people.  How’s that for self-serving? 😉  Blowhard Trump and his Legion of Dolts get a pass.  The goofy H2O this week flows where you’d expect (Mexico) and where you’d least suspect (Hell).  No spoilers just straight to the show!

Music this week: Nashville based Alt-Country crossover/Americana duo Escondido … 3 brothers from Wagoner, OK known as Consumed By Fire, a modern Christian Rock band who’s new record “Giving Over” is due out March 25th … Cameos from The Standells, and Yoko Ono.



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