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12 hours in Dostoevsky Hell

#75 Not Going Anywhere?

by 2Kens on March 15, 2010

Take your sleeping bag…

Here’s 12 hours of your life you will never get back. But that’s just us. If you’re a theater snob, just being able to boast that you were there is probably worth the loss of all feeling in your legs. Forget that old warehouse you’re seated in. Ignore the rats. It’s show time!

College ain’t what it used to be…

Before signing up for a full load of boring classes designed to ruin your life by making you think about a career, de-stress with these. Top 10 coolest college courses being offered. Hey, it’s not like it’s your tuition money.

Speaking of sucking all the fun out…

Get this. The boss man at Chicago’s news/talk radiio powerhouse, WGN now has a gignormous list of words and phrases news anchors are forbidden to utter. Hey bozo, you might try doing what you’re paid for and fix the financial mess corporate’s in. We’ll be right back. Oops.

Bank robbery used to be easier…

Scribble a note with demands. Hand it to the teller. Collect the loot. Simple right? Not if you’re this poor schlub.

Shore’n Begorra! …

It just wouldn’t be St. Paddy’s week around here without some catchy Irish comedy tunes. Hoist a pint to these. “Irish Emails Again” by Deirdre Flint (bass player for the Four Bitchin’ Babes), and “Danny Boy, A Cat Song Parody” by Marc Gunn.

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#15 Even the Crickets are Mormon

Mar 16, 2009

Here pig, pig, pig… How about $1 million to help Utah control its non-secular cricket population? Or hundreds of thousands to rid Californian’s of unsightly tattoos? Hey Alabama, you want money for oyster rehab? You got it! No joke. These are among the thousands of daffy projects Congress has agreed to fund. Is this a great country or […]

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