Because mankind's capacity for stupidity is limitless


#25 Zap!

by 2Kens on May 25, 2009

Thunderstorms and iPods…

There are safer things joggers can do. Even Apple says be careful. Some facts and tips about static electricity, ear buds and mp3 players. (YCMIU listeners are protected by our patented cone of stupidity)

Get down, he has fruit!…

Heard the about the kid who tried to knock over a store with a banana? Don’t worry, he slipped up. His lawyer may appeal. (how many bad puns did you count?)

Lawsuits gone wild…

The annual ‘Stella Awards’ are out and the winner for dumbest driver trick (maybe ever) goes to… the lady in the Winnebago who thought cruise control meant… well, this is why you listen!

Maybe Jerry Garcia will be there…

Brides and grooms pay close attention to the phrase, ’til death do us part while taking their vows at this hot new wedding venue. No worries about party crashers here. Oh, they do bar mitzvahs, too.

Feature tune…

Laying down that bluesy Americana sound this Memorial Day weekend is Charlie Morris and his band with ‘Got Greedy.’ Like most of the music we play here, we owe Ariel Publicity for tipping us off to Charlie!

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#13 Tortured by Technology

Mar 3, 2009

Apple didn’t like these Top 10 iPhone third-party apps rejected by Mr. Jobs & Co. Thankfully, consumer outrage forced Apple to reconsider ‘Pull My Finger.’ Nice to see good taste prevail once more. Is this a great country or what? Hello, OnStar? Can you help me? I tried putting my keyless entry fob against my face, like […]

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