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No Gelt No Blog!

by 2Kens on December 14, 2015


Say it ain’t so, Irving. Major League Dreidel closed on Day 1 of our 12 Days of Dumb is no way to treat the passing of Hanukkah. Could 2Kens have unwittingly (way we roll) led to their site being hijacked?  Listen for clues here:

Tuesday, Day 2 of our 12 Days of Dumb, a gift for everyone who keeps making terrible decisions. You will want to take notes so sharpen the Crayolas.  😉

Music on today’s show: Adam Sandler, The Chanukah Song; The Maccabeats, Candlelight; Robert Creighton & Thomas Cannizzaro with Rock ‘N Roll Hanukkah.



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