Because mankind's capacity for stupidity is limitless

gawdy light displays

Clark Griswold’s Stunt Double

by 2Kens on December 15, 2010

Wanna bet he owns a motorized bar stool?

Xmas excess…

If they ever remake National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Mike Babick’s house is a lock. We take you to Prairie Village, Kansas for Day 2 of our 12 Daze of Dumb. (Rusty, get in the car!)

2Kens Comedy Solid Gold Collection

Holiday tunes include “All I Need” by JJ Maestas and Scotte Burns’ Colorado-based acoustic rock band Ironwood Rain, and “Here Comes Christmas” by Iowa’s The Nadas.

Breakfast tomorrow? Bring ham. Our french hens will come up with something.



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