Because mankind's capacity for stupidity is limitless

Free Hookers road sign

#297 – Cliché Machine

by 2Kens on May 17, 2016

UK Krispy Kreme Machine

At yeast the holes are free

London’s newest tourist attraction is a late night talk host’s monologue wet dream. And the coppers? A Krispy Kreme donut machine that vends greasy, gooey gobs of sugar dough is a ready made stakeout. 😉 Pick a cliché, grab a hot cuppa and get in line. Oh, bring cash. They’re £2 a pop, or about $2.90 US! ps- these sinkers are an ISIS magnet too (ya gotta listen)

Other stuff we didn’t make up

10 of the dumbest newspaper bloopers of all time … sign said Free Hookers Ahead. What would you do?

Music from … Tom Rush (Remember?) .. Weird Al Yankovic (Word Crimes) … Eagles of Death Metal (Flames Go Higher) … Aquilo (Silhouette). Big thanks to Twitter friends Anchor + Bell. Follow them for their Friday Five on Spotify!



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