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Fox TV

#162 Say it with us, America: “D’oh!”

by 2Kens on September 19, 2011

Crazy like a FOX

Rejoice, there’s something for every lazy man and woman this week. Meal planners, we’ve another fast, easy and sooo not good for you (like our mobile show? We heard that!) heart attack on a plate. Trying to break a certain early morning habit that makes you late for everything? 🙂 There’s an App for that! Oh, and All Simpsons All The Time!

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#40 TV News Babes

Sep 7, 2009

Fox 31 News starts NOW… Hot pants, bustier, stiletto heels and a big cigar. TV anchors in Denver sure know how to dress for ratings. Too bad ‘R’ doesn’t score with Nielsen. It gets better, so listen. Might not kill ya… Do you know what’s in a Slim Jim? We have the gruesome truth. Ever had Tactical Bacon? Exactly […]

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#37 Twinkies, Lemonade and VH1

Aug 17, 2009

Need a sugar fix? Hostess and have you covered with the Twinkies Cookbook… A code inspector in podunk California shuts down a kid’s lemonade stand. No vendor permit… Just when you thought TV dating games had reached maximum goofy density comes ‘My Antonio.’ 13 women beg for a soap hunk to pick them. Thanks, VH1… […]

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