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You must be a redneck if ...

#253 Dixie Dimwits

by 2Kens on August 19, 2013

You must be a …

Apologies to the greatest dang Southern rocker and fiddler extraordinaire, Charlie Daniels, but it’s been a coon’s age since we whistled the South’s Gonna Do It Again. Note: teeth not optional 😉 Let’s enjoy some of the language — verbal and musical — you would only hear on the highways and radio stations south of the Mason-Dixon.

fan_favs_thumbsupHappy Cow, Farting Pig, Toasted Turkey

The vacation countdown continues with our #2 most popular show ever! (included above- just click the player!)2



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#252 Revenge of the Puppets

Aug 12, 2013
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Pulling strings… Remember the TV news station in Cleveland who sent puppets to cover a corruption trial? Tits McGee had the night off. We flash back to our #3 most popular show of all time … “Puppet Justice.” All rise. Hookers, hooters and brown boobies… Made ya look. We caught news sites running that ploy. […]

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#247 Sizzle or Steak?

Jul 8, 2013
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No need to suffer Sip some of this. We’re beating the heat by counting down the all-time most listened to shows, every week between now and Labor Day. Of the 246 to-date, only 7 are more popular than this one! Quick old chum, to the Laughmobile!

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