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Darwin Awards

#302 Dissing Darwin

by 2Kens on September 30, 2016

Dying To Get In

Happy International Podcast Day. We had planned to send you a nice card but Hallmark was sold out. Please listen for an exclusive medical marijuana offer instead. If you’ve been wondering whether Ken and I had expired, that happens to be our theme this week. Turns out those who hand out Darwin Awards keep an At Risk watch list. Who’s on it? YOU, if you persist on playing Pokémon GO!

Not to be outdone we found a law breaker so stupid he pretty much arrested himself. I think we’re in Mayberry, Toto.

Who doesn’t like quickees? Show runs 6+ min, excluding Rod Stewart’s classic hit from ’71 about some chick who wrecked his bed and wouldn’t let him get back to class. Some guys have all the luck, eh? 😉



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#301 – 240 years later … what?

Jul 4, 2016
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Keep the streak alive Not much has changed since 1776. Fellow humans, take pride. We own stupid. Americans have it down cold. As long as the uptight upright breathe dumb crap will prevail. Wendy Northcutt counts on it. This podcast would cease to exist (we heard that!). So keep it up America. History and tradition demand you stay stupid. Also, 2Kens in the […]

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#210 Keep Old Glory New

Jul 2, 2012
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Grill this… As America’s heat wave toasts the elderly, Granny & Gramps have bigger problems. TV weather-guessers watchers have become downright militant! Happy Independence Day Papi! Other stuff we can’t make up… Michigan invades the men’s room to fight drunk driving. We have the inside scoop on new patents for stuff nobody asked for or needs. And meet another moron […]

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#195 Gene Pool Opens for Season

Mar 12, 2012
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Self-serve… Frankly, we thought it was a tad early weather-wise to be cleansing the gene pool—but Gary Banning in North Carolina had other ideas. Yes, the season’s very first Darwin Award Nominee goes out in a blaze of glory with his first (and last) appearance on You Can’t Make It Up! Other stuff we didn’t make […]

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#193 Leak Year

Feb 27, 2012
Thumbnail image for #193 Leak Year

Let them eat cake… Our crack research staff, we call ’em Team Stupid, stepped up to make our Fun With English edition a winner. Big thanks to Andi in Toronto for digging up that sign. Tempting to stock up on domestics, but then go explain THAT lot at the border. Kudos to T in Tennessee for tipping us […]

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#147 Protect Your Rep with Klingon Technology

Jun 6, 2011
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Go ahead pillage that pension fund. Conquer competitors with vicious rumors. Have that affair with your CIO’s spouse. Whatever’s up your sleazy biz sleeve no one will ever find out if you protect your rep with this bad PR cloaking service we found. Bernie would still be bilking while basking in the Bahamas if he’d sprung for this! Other idiocy we didn’t make up… […]

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#127 See You at Mile Marker 202

Jan 24, 2011
Thumbnail image for #127 See You at Mile Marker 202

The Osmond’s went here… Planning the family vacation but money’s tight? We found the perfect low-rent budget destination. Even won awards. For what? No idea. At least the restrooms are clean. Everyone says so. Rusty, get in the car! Also on this week’s show… Listen with us as a TV sports commentator implodes his career in front of […]

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#91 Conservative Stew

Jul 12, 2010
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You betcha… Hey momma grizzlies, heard about Sarah’s latest gaffe? She had Ronald Reagan matriculating at a college in California. Even said so in front of a big crowd in — California. Only missed it by about 17-hundred miles. Apparently in Alaska research is what you do when you lose something, can’t find it, and then look again. […]

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#80 Nice Try Jackass

Apr 19, 2010
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Step right up and pick an alibi… Talk about material writing itself. Stupid criminals abound and getting caught is half the fun. So you call yourself a consultant… We found the BEST definition ever! Hello? Front desk? My room doesn’t have lights… Pedal faster. Odd that a U.S. hotel chain didn’t think of this first. Breaking news… […]

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#67 LA Gang Tours

Jan 18, 2010
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Bang bang… You may not get capped. Lunch and tee shirt for $65? What a gyp. See South Central LA up close and personal. Optimistic? Book a round trip. Forget the St. Bernard… Blue collar coach potatoes invent the ultimate rescue tool. A beer opener that barks. Hurry, supplies are limited! Ding ding ding! … No more calls, we have our winner. […]

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#1 Nardelli or Blago? You decide.

Dec 23, 2008

Why we’re here. Since the dawn of creation – or beginning of time, depending on your definition of good posture – man has exhibited a limitless capacity for committing incredible acts of stupidity. Nominees for the Darwin Awards abound. We hope these shows will expose others also worthy of this distinction in hopes of doing a more […]

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