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Bernie Madoff

#31 Très Chaud

by 2Kens on July 6, 2009

Steak or sizzle?

Judging by their warning about what may cause the iPhone 3GS to overheat, damage control ain’t Apple’s sweetspot. You know us, helpful to a fault. We offer some tips on how to flip this potential p.r. nightmare into a list of cool product features.

Stop spamming us! …

We said follow us on Twitter, not pander for votes. If you’re running for governor of Maine, pretending to be a fan of our show is not going to get you elected. Buuut it might get you a better rate if you want to advertise. 😉

John Grisham wants you …

Bernie Madoff’s defense lawyer makes quite a case for a reduced sentence. Just not a good one. If you missed it, we have the sound bite.

Don’t blame Blago…

MLB’s all-star game approaches and you the fan get to say — over and over again — who plays. The voting process isn’t just dumb, it’s right out of Chicago’s political history. Maybe we can buy a new commish.

That’s why they’re mob bosses

Even behind bars these Brazilian crime kingpins know how to play the system.

Say cheese…

Heard the one about the crook who took his own mug shot? While he may be too stupid to be a home burglar, what does it say about the Suffolk, Virginia PD that they haven’t found him yet?

Your “Moment of DUH”…

Australian fertility study concludes: having sex daily is recommended for couples who want to conceive. (sounds like we need another study)

Oh Canada!…

Montreal’s Trina Elle delivers this week’s feature tune, Stutter. Look for bold brush strokes and mega-success on this singer-songwriter’s career horizon! Like all the music we play you can check this out on the Podsafe Music Network, now known as Mevio.

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#13 Tortured by Technology

Mar 3, 2009

Apple didn’t like these Top 10 iPhone third-party apps rejected by Mr. Jobs & Co. Thankfully, consumer outrage forced Apple to reconsider ‘Pull My Finger.’ Nice to see good taste prevail once more. Is this a great country or what? Hello, OnStar? Can you help me? I tried putting my keyless entry fob against my face, like […]

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#5 Weekend at Bernie’s

Jan 16, 2009

He’s Movin’ On Up As Bernie Madoff holes up in a dee-lux apartment in the sky, we wonder what else is in the mail. Gee, ya think the justice system needs fixin’? Heed those “Slow” signs in ‘Bama, now he-uh! Best not get caught doin’ 85 in a 40 through Morgan County, Alabama. You go to […]

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