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#60 Whack A Banker

by 2Kens on December 20, 2009

Tony Soprano would be so proud

Tony Soprano would be so proud…

Take that you dastardly lender! Now you can play the ultimate bailout revenge arcade game this holiday season. Too bad all the fun is being had in UK. Still, it’s reassuring to know that these warm feelings we Americans have for the banking industry are universal. Step right up folks! Just 40p buys you 30 seconds of bopping bald banker bliss.

Celtic music this Seventh Day of Christmas is Carol of The Bells from the Inner Splendor album, In The Spirit Of Peace – An Irish Holiday Celebration, featuring the enchanting voices of Ann Malone and Sarah Warwick. We thank Ariel and Cyber PR for sharing this wonderful piece with us!

See you tomorrow for our 8th Day of Christmas special. Get here early. Wouldn’t want to miss that maids milking contest.

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