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God Hates Dicks – #272

by 2Kens on September 1, 2014

Aussie comic Adam Hills dares Westboro Baptist Church to picket ISIS

We’d pay anything to see this!

Say one thing for Aussie comic and TV host, Adam Hills. Boy knows how to taunt hate mongers. Dangled a big old carrot over the WBC and the self-promoting jack asses snapped it up. Lemme get this straight. WBC versus ISIS?! Good luck storming the castle, boys. Mr. Hills, u da man! Eat your heart out Don King. 😉

Boring, Dull and Bland

Welcome to Boring150Frontrunners for the 2016 GOP presidential nod or tourist destinations? Let’s play … JEOPARDY!

Also this week: A prison in Milan solves the inmate breakout problem… Man steals fish tank then has to go— but where?

levi_asses150The award for Dumbest Marketing Idea of the Year goes to … Levi Strauss



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#158 Divine Metamucil

Aug 22, 2011
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Friar Tucks… Montezuma’s revenge can’t hold a prayer candle to the Curse of Michelangelo. If God listens to a group of Franciscan friars a certain bible thief in Italy is going to get more than his soul cleansed. Let he who is without sin listen to this week’s show. Gee Officer Bob can I try that?… […]

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#144 You Goest Thou, Wench

May 16, 2011
Thumbnail image for #144 You Goest Thou, Wench

We wish to thank Illinois governor Pat Quinn for showing us the heretofore error of our misbegotten ways. To wit, wither thou goest this week’s show shall be devoid of of bathroom humor, sexual innuendo and other assorted low-class references. Got a problem with that Clyde? Up your pie hole! 😉 Music this episode from 18-yr old Aussie, Georgi […]

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#128 Shameless Solicitation

Jan 31, 2011
Thumbnail image for #128 Shameless Solicitation

Memo to sponsors… Now that we’ve hit 10,000 unique listeners a month (minor bruises, relax), shouldn’t your brand be associated with stupid stuff? We name five perfect sponsors for us that you’ve never heard of. Just sayin. Our annual list of sandwiches and drinks that will kill you is here. Take notes. The in-laws are due to show up […]

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#127 See You at Mile Marker 202

Jan 24, 2011
Thumbnail image for #127 See You at Mile Marker 202

The Osmond’s went here… Planning the family vacation but money’s tight? We found the perfect low-rent budget destination. Even won awards. For what? No idea. At least the restrooms are clean. Everyone says so. Rusty, get in the car! Also on this week’s show… Listen with us as a TV sports commentator implodes his career in front of […]

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#93 Cow Wash

Jul 26, 2010
Thumbnail image for #93 Cow Wash

Clean cows are happy cows … And power wash + lather + disco = more milk, we guess. A Swedish company is cleaning up. Claim they’ve sold 30,000 machines to scrub bossy. How’d you like to have the air freshener concession? (editors advisory: be sure to have a clean change of underwear before listening to this story) […]

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#72 That’s A Big 10-4 Good Buddy

Feb 22, 2010
Thumbnail image for #72 That’s A Big 10-4 Good Buddy

Got your ears on?… Can you explain the podcast tastes of truckers? We sure can’t. Just listen to a piece of a show we found double parked at a rest stop in VA. This must be what happens when guys get bored with CB radio. Got your rubber ducky on the side, c’mon. Our theme this week is… […]

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#70 Banker TV

Feb 9, 2010
Thumbnail image for #70 Banker TV

Colateral Damage… Hearing about the Aussie banker who starred in his own reality TV disaster made us think about that 1991 Meryl Streep, Albert Brooks movie, Defending Your Life. This guy is what Rip Torn would have called a Little Brain. Go Bessie GO!… Toyota ain’t the only ones with a stopping problem. There’s a cow in the Netherlands […]

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#52 Happy Cow, Farting Pig, Toasted Turkey

Nov 30, 2009
Thumbnail image for #52 Happy Cow, Farting Pig, Toasted Turkey

Moooo… Ten cows, one dream: to be the next California Happy Cow! And this web site wants you to decide which talking bossy gets to go. Can TV ads get any goofier? Ooh, that smell… When residents in section of the Land Down Under ripe for brush fires complained of a natural gas odor, fire crews in Victoria, Australia lept into action. […]

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#31 Très Chaud

Jul 6, 2009

Steak or sizzle?… Judging by their warning about what may cause the iPhone 3GS to overheat, damage control ain’t Apple’s sweetspot. You know us, helpful to a fault. We offer some tips on how to flip this potential p.r. nightmare into a list of cool product features.   Stop spamming us! … We said follow us on […]

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