Because mankind's capacity for stupidity is limitless


Dylan said it best

Their names, faces and abhorrent behavior have become the laughing stock of America.  Bad enough that Ted, Marco and ‘The Donald’ haven’t a clue what decorum and ‘acting presidential’ mean.  Worse, pulling us down with them into the muck and mire of a school yard game of kickball in a rain storm has become an accepted campaign strategy.  Be glad you aren’t footing the dry cleaning bills.  Unless you donated! 😛  How does it feel, Republican voters, to be on your own?  With no direction home?  Maybe, like Dylan, you too will discover that, he (your candidate) wasn’t where it’s at.  But remember, like a rolling stone, you are free to just laugh about it.  Send in the clowns. 🙂

Other stupid stuff we didn’t make up

Church attendance is down everywhere.  Solution?  Move over madmen, clergy of all stripes are today’s word wizards.  Just read the signs out front…  Selfie death by handgun is sooo passé.  We found five ‘suspicious’ deaths since in history that took a great deal of thought- and zero common sense… Fun With English returns, along with everyone’s fave, our Moment of Duh, aka Stupid Criminal Tricks 🙂

Music this week includes the progressive rock of The Suitcase Junket (Vermont’s Matt Lorenz); the great Indie pop-rock of Winterpills who launch a new record next week entitled Love Songs as well as a few bars of The Who’s We Won’t Get Fooled Again.  Hard rock your thing?  NYC’s wailing girl band, Lily Sparks drop by with their big hit, Stars – which the 2 Kens turned into a shameless promotion for YOU CAN’T MAKE IT UP!



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#165 Isabella Follies

Oct 10, 2011
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Bankers Hours… Lemme get this straight. A Castilian queen takes a flyer on a 15th century sailor’s dalliance for a Western trade route and Wall Street traders gets a day off. What’s an Occupier to do? Listen to our ship’s manifest of nonsense. In the Pink… It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and our guest musical artist, […]

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#142 Going High Brow

May 2, 2011
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Laced with literary references and riding the high-minded music of Stanford’s Glass Wave this week’s show classes up the joint. Need proof of our newly polished pedigree? We found an iPhone app for movie goers with weak bladders. A couple who discovered- as Poe suggested – that walls do not make great neighbors. Insurance to protect you from being sued […]

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#141 EZ Scholarships

Apr 25, 2011
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Need college $$? Kid’s not a genius? No worries. Plenty of easy dough out there, even for kids who don’t know anything. This week’s show tells you where to look. Things like PB & J sandwiches and duct tape prom dresses might be your son and daughter’s ticket to higher ed. Other stuff we didn’t make up… Listen as two members of […]

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#130 My Vermin Valentine

Feb 14, 2011
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Every love story, whether told in literary classics or whispered over the back fence, is an emotional  roller coaster. Bumps, bliss, bizzare beginnings, poorly chosen gifts and – if you stay together long enough – the odd obit, seemingly written more to amuse its reader than to honor the dearly departed. Our Valentines Day show has […]

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#61 Wait for the Bleep

Dec 21, 2009
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Dear Elin Woods… You’ve been a good little girl so Santa’s bringing you a divorce. iPhone App developers are cashing in at the Apple store. Like the guy who wrote Santa Message 4U. Inspired by a mom with four little kids, this app didn’t go far enough. Imagine all the helpful little things the jolly fat man […]

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#31 Très Chaud

Jul 6, 2009
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Steak or sizzle?… Judging by their warning about what may cause the iPhone 3GS to overheat, damage control ain’t Apple’s sweetspot. You know us, helpful to a fault. We offer some tips on how to flip this potential p.r. nightmare into a list of cool product features.   Stop spamming us! … We said follow us on […]

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#25 Zap!

May 25, 2009
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Thunderstorms and iPods… There are safer things joggers can do. Even Apple says be careful. Some facts and tips about static electricity, ear buds and mp3 players. (YCMIU listeners are protected by our patented cone of stupidity) Get down, he has fruit!… Heard the about the kid who tried to knock over a store with a banana? Don’t […]

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#13 Tortured by Technology

Mar 3, 2009
Thumbnail image for #13 Tortured by Technology

Apple didn’t like these Top 10 iPhone third-party apps rejected by Mr. Jobs & Co. Thankfully, consumer outrage forced Apple to reconsider ‘Pull My Finger.’ Nice to see good taste prevail once more. Is this a great country or what? Hello, OnStar? Can you help me? I tried putting my keyless entry fob against my face, like […]

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