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Animal Planet

Prostitutes to Parrots

#155 Air Fleiss

by 2Kens on August 1, 2011

Reality TV bites…

Gotta love irony. The mistress match queen has met her match. 80 year old birds with razor sharp peckers (shut up!) are not to be toyed with. Yet there she is, the notorious Heidi Fleiss making nice with a parrot in glorious HD (Animal Planet, Sun 10p ET). She even sleeps with ’em. You’re a lonnnnng way from Hollywood, madam. 😉

And the Tony goes to…

Remember former BP CEO Tony Hayward, last seen dripping with sweet crude criticism? (thanks, we liked it too) He’s baaack with a new job that’s a perfect fit. Maybe not for him, but definitely for You Can’t Make It Up!

VIP’s only…

If you donated to Voices United for Veterans (thank you!) our 30-minute bonus show includes … a bozo in need of expensive surgery finds a clever way to avoid those high deductables (don’t try this at home). Finnegan’s Wake gets a lesson in Irish shenanigans. Another mindless story from our Fun things you can do with a Sharpiefiles. And a Darwin Award nominee wannabe unlocks the mystery to siphoning gas. Not!

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You say Bonnie Raitt…

We say Olga. With a sultry bluesy sound as slow and easy as life in the northern Mississippi hills where she honed her music, Olga’s “soulful pillowy voice can freeze an audience in their seats,” as CMJ put it. This is hardcore mojo of electic roots that wind their way to Bourbon Street. We sample two cuts, including the title track from her album, “Whatever You Want.” We simply want more Olga.

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