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#169 Devil’s Keeper

by 2Kens on November 7, 2011

The devil made me do it, officer

Hello, Siri?

Where’s the pizza guy? Is Amtrak on time? Can I trust my GPS? Maybe the devil really is in the details.

To Slur and Disrespect

To Slur and DisrespectWhen it comes to improving police-community relations, there must be better tactics. Still, it is 100% cotton and only $12.

Take Me I’m Yours

No, really! Takes the embarrassing guesswork out of online crushes.

Other stuff we didn’t make up… You’ve heard of “petty theft.” Meet some folks who’ve redefined the genre. If a rock band really wanted to betray fans, we found a crash course. And our Tip of The Week: How NOT to land a job following the interview. [Google Clyde Frampton Sr. and prepare to be dazzled. Let’s just say, Bernie Madoff he ain’t! 🙂 ]

Susan PickingSinger/songwriter Susan Picking has been compared to Carole King, Natalie Merchant and Sarah McLachlan. But do the others play the ukulele? Midwestern roots, California music influences and a world traveler’s thirst for knowledge and zest for life, Susan’s path to her newest record “Wonder in the Wander” has taken countless turns. All intentional, we suspect. Pleased as punch she hung a left at our place. Double dare you not to tap your toes and clap your hands to Keep On, Keepin’ On!



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#66 Facebook Bandit

Jan 11, 2010
Thumbnail image for #66 Facebook Bandit

Maybe they should friend him … He’s brazen. He’s on the lam. He’s not very bright. Which doesn’t say a whole lot for authorities in the UK who, nearly four months after his escape, still have no clue where in the bloody blazes Craig ‘Lazie’ Lynch is hiding out. Pull! … Damn. Missed the barn […]

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#34 Magic Church

Jul 27, 2009

Click here to get ordained… Take photo of house. Draw cross. File with city. Presto! Instant church. Don’t believe it? An Illinois state tax man did. Stop that train!… Or at least alert passengers to get their cameras ready. Mooning Amtrak has become an annual rite of passage in one Orange County, California community. The […]

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