Because mankind's capacity for stupidity is limitless

9-1-1 call

#166 John McCain Highway

by 2Kens on October 17, 2011

Submitted for your approval: Billy Mumy lives.

Visiting Gila Bend? Take the scenic route. Oh, wait! There isn’t one. That stretch of Arizona road has put more drivers to sleep than the last GOP presidential hopeful.

Found a guy in NJ with bigger cojones than Chris Christie. Meet the publisher who thinks you should choose between reading his mag and a new Jetta. Same price.

Other stuff we didn’t make up…

Yet another bozo who thought his family “crisis” warranted calling 9-1-1. More proof that “best & brightest” are not requirements for city govt. A podcast whose hosts do ZERO show prep (shut up!). And a chase scene right out of North By Northwest — if Hitch wanted comedy.

Musical guest…

Get down with Portland, ME’s funky Hip-Hoppers Grant Street Orchestra.



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#129 Anyone have a number for 911?

Feb 7, 2011
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In case of emergency… They may be your neighbor. Or the clerk at your corner deli. Or maybe even your postal carrier. This week we salute (careful which finger you use) those clueless folks young and old who can’t seem to figure out how to call for help- or when. Other stuff we didn’t make […]

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#125 Classy Cabbies

Jan 11, 2011
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45th & Lex and step on it Mister Ambassador… We begin 2011 with a new dress code for NYC taxi drivers (we heard that), and a new image for Snooki (hold your breath). Want to know the 10 dumbest cities in America? We found ’em, along with a great excuse for the next time you miss your AA meeting. Stupid criminals abound this […]

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#77 Stupid Criminal Week

Mar 29, 2010
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If they handed out awards… For dumbness below and beyond in the commission of a crime, The Stupee goes to … well, we can’t decide. Each of these bozos has distinguished themselves in the fine art of idiocy. Tell you what- how about you listen to the show, then vote for your Stupid Criminal of […]

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#14 Bon Temps Roulez Barbie

Mar 9, 2009

108 careers later She’s been an Olympic athlete, a Marine Corps sergeant, a dentist, an aerobics instructor, an astronaut and a rock star. Mattel’s wildly successful franchise, Barbie turns 50 today. More than a billion units of her likeness have been sold across the globe. Young girls keep playing with her, yet the critics haven’t quit. It’s a doll- get over […]

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