Because mankind's capacity for stupidity is limitless


With a combined 80+ years in broadcasting, we know old.

Humble they ain’t..

Their horns are in the shop or they’d be tootin’ em. The 2 Kens have been radio & TV pros (for pay- go figure) a combined 60+ years. Harry Chapin’s W-O-L-D was dedicated to them.

Ken-1 hails from Chicago, but has called the New Haven CT area home for decades. He won’t say, exactly, what he does by day, but it has something to do with writing, re-writing and bilking billing clients. By night he’s a scholastic basketball official. Have whistle, will travel. His hobbies include waiting for the Cubs to figure it out [update: Wait OVER! See 2016], and long walks around the hood in search of a bail bondsman named Fred, and a package store mogul named Happy Harry, both of whom actually exist, though few on the right side of the law have ever seen them.

Ken-2, the louder one, is a CT native, former CNN staffer and radio news, sports and talk host. He used to teach broadcasting, but denies knowing Marconi. Happily he no longer buys a new flat screen every baseball season (thank you, Red Sox!) He and Penny and their two kitties, Miri and Tiggy, live in beautiful Portland, Maine. Amazing really, that state officials let him return after his forgetful radio debut in Dover-Foxcroft. But that was 49 years ago, so those who first heard him are long since dead and didn’t get a vote. In 2006 he launched Penguin Pods, a podcast production & consulting company (though his accountant can’t prove it).

Today, both Kens can be heard on Indie3 Radio, online and mobile 24/7 ( as soon as their check clears). You can email the boys anytime you have something truly stupid to add to the show. If You Can’t Make It Up they want it.

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