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Mad Men (the sequel)

by 2Kens on December 18, 2018

This episode first aired on Sunday, Dec. 18th, 2011

Donald Draper slept here…

We found a treasure trove of the dumbest holiday ads eveeeeer created. If you’ve been very good little boys and girls this year we’ll stuff a few in your stocking. Gotta run, Santa’s into the sangria again. Happy 5th Day of Dumb, y’all!

Oh, watch where you step tomorrow. Chased away most of the dang Canadian geese, but a half dozen still occupy the front lawn.

Holiday songs from…

Cross Dressing for ChristmasBet you don’t know any Roots Rockers from the Big Apple. You do now. Robert K. Wolf’s brand of Americana is hard to pin down; there’s really nothing like it. He’s living proof that an overweight, Jewish guy born in Brooklyn, can sort of do okay in the buckle of The Bible Belt, Nashville. We spin his quirky comedy tune, “Cross Dressing for Christmas.”

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