Because mankind's capacity for stupidity is limitless
No Escaping a Mueller Party

#304 Masks Optional

by 2Kens on October 31, 2017

You can’t hide it

We missed you too. Also, the freedom to work when we want loses its charm when the tips suck. Buh-bye, Lyft! Anything happen while we were gone? 😛

sugar-high-gang240At least it wasn’t Spam

Somerville, MA must be one boring place to live. Located just north of Boston, the most densely populated municipality in New England threw a parade for a sandwich spread. Thousands turned out to cheer. High on sugar, no doubt. Also this week, more stupid criminal tricks. We stay away for months and the show writes itself. Love this gig! We sample two new covers of classic songs by Stephen Stills and Elvis Costello. Halloween’s here. Be safe out there.

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