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#302 Dissing Darwin

by 2Kens on September 30, 2016

Dying To Get In

Happy International Podcast Day. We had planned to send you a nice card but Hallmark was sold out. Please listen for an exclusive medical marijuana offer instead. If you’ve been wondering whether Ken and I had expired, that happens to be our theme this week. Turns out those who hand out Darwin Awards keep an At Risk watch list. Who’s on it? YOU, if you persist on playing Pokémon GO!

Not to be outdone we found a law breaker so stupid he pretty much arrested himself. I think we’re in Mayberry, Toto.

Who doesn’t like quickees? Show runs 6+ min, excluding Rod Stewart’s classic hit from ’71 about some chick who wrecked his bed and wouldn’t let him get back to class. Some guys have all the luck, eh? 😉

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