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#301 – 240 years later … what?

by 2Kens on July 4, 2016

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Keep the streak alive

Not much has changed since 1776. Fellow humans, take pride. We own stupid. Americans have it down cold. As long as the uptight upright breathe dumb crap will prevail. Wendy Northcutt counts on it. This podcast would cease to exist (we heard that!). So keep it up America. History and tradition demand you stay stupid. Also, 2Kens in the workforce is not funny.

alaska stupid street names If Sarah Palin were a street …

What would she name herself? We don’t know – or care – who discovered the land that would become our 49th state. But we know who names the streets. Narcissism is right at home in Alaska. Literally.

 Morons come and morons go…

More fireworks safety tips the drunk and stupid will ignore again next July 4th. Only the names change. Plus freshly half-baked Fun With English cupcakes. Enjoy the show. Ticket prices start at committing one stupid act a day.

Music this week from Empty Houses and The High Divers, two Indie bands with debut albums out there this summer!

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