Because mankind's capacity for stupidity is limitless

#298 – Google: God of Stupidity

by 2Kens on May 31, 2016

America's got stupid

Keeper of collective intelligence or …

Google is many things but caretaker of higher intellect ain’t one of ’em. The only real problem we find with this survey is many of these idiots legally can vote. Luckily for the rest of us, most are likely too dumb to find the ballot box. Montanans have the right idea, but as long as they keep asking Google how to move there, Canadians can breathe easy 🙂

Wisconsin: one big honkin’ check point

If you know somebody in cheese head land chances are they’re vertically challenged. Eleven Wisconsin cities – 11! – rank in the top 20 Drunkest Cities in America. In fact they fill slots 1 through 4. Maybe AAA and AA should merge.

Speaking of partnerships…

Your 2 Kens may be reaching out to our friends across the pond at the Coventry Telegraph. Some staffers at the newspaper in merry old England must be regular listeners of ours as they wrote a whole story on stupid criminal tricks, each coming with its own “TIP”.  Saved us the trouble. A doff of the old bowler to you, mates. Let’s talk!

Music this week from San Diego legendary post-grunge band Switchfoot. Come July 8 it will be 10 and counting when the boys’ newest studio album drops.  We spin “Float”- 1 of 2 pre-release tracks off Where The Light Shines Through available on iTunes and Amazon. Quite a departure, this tune. We hear Steely Dan (oooh!). Thanks guys!

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