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#295 – Passed Over Passover: the lost episode

by 2Kens on April 29, 2016

New video game: can you silence Sarah Palin?

How was your stay sir?

No the dog did not eat our mp3. This show went down the rabbit hole when a laptop got left behind, a hotel tried to get it back to us but a delivery service had one too many shipping options. No names. May have to stay there again.

pork-for-passover 200Passover comes later, Seder 😉

Extra innings this week. Arnold the pig, Fred and reformed Jews will want to stick around at the end for a special flashback episode of “Pork: It’s What’s For Seder” Oh, lighten up! If SNL did it you’d laugh your curly tails off.

But first …

palin_duct_taped_175Two idiots compete for the lead off spot on today’s show. How to parlay stupid into a really bad day … Bill Nye had better watch his backside. Sarah Palin can see Russia from there… a longtime TV weatherman announces his retirement and the local paper finds a way to make the story about them.  Y’all come back now, here?

Music … It’s Raining Men (The Weather Girls), Humans From Earth (T Bone Burnett), The Bacon Song (Tom Smith), Bacon Wine (Jim Terrell)

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