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#294 – Network Numb Nuts

by 2Kens on April 13, 2016

NBC graphic mistakes Wisconsion for Michigan and vice versa


Rod Serling would be so proud of NBC. The Nightly News weather graphics dept. brilliantly managed to both mistake WI for MI – and vice versa – and make roughly 16 million people early or late for everything! We believe their epic gaff also affected the cheese head state’s presidential primary. A stretch? Nope. Hard to refute our evidence.

Other crap we didn’t make up

Warped parents who saddle offspring with humiliating names, listen up: at least be clever about it.  How about an idiotic drug dealer who pads his rap sheet 7 times – on his way to court?  Nine really, but .. well .. you decide.

Music from Glen Phillips (Toad the Wet Sprocket) solo and recorded LIVE at The Belly Up in San Diego.

Peter-James-ArmstrongPlease help us find Jim Armstrong

Our dear friend is a rare breed. Outgoing, kind, compassionate, champion of the underdog, advocate for those with epilepsy- like himself, funny, brilliant songwriter, gifted musician … and missing for 5 weeks today. 🙁

Andrea Poulis, Jim’s best friend for nearly a quarter century, manager & co-owner of indie Sonic Deli Records and songwriting companion offers a hopeful update on this show. We believe he is still alive. Someone is looking after Jim. The same as he’s done for many others. You can help us find Jim by telling others about our search and about where we think Jim is. Please listen below. Andrea thanks you, as do we all.

New details of region where Jim most likely has sought shelter

Andrea chats about ordeal, search and Jim’s music

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