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#291 – Jim Please Call Home

by 2Kens on March 24, 2016

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Toronto songwriter, music producer Jim Armstrong is missing

Urgent matter

Toronto’s Jim Armstrong, the most prolific songwriter and brilliant music producer we’ve ever known, has not been seen since March 9th. Epilepsy plays a role. Jim is a dear friend. We took the first 3 minutes of the show to honor and help find him.
The vitals:

  • 5’9” tall, 160 pounds,
  • Gray/red hair, which is both curly and perhaps twistedjimA2
  • Blue eyes.
  • Anyone with information about Jim’s whereabouts is asked to immediately contact Saugeen Shores Police at 519-832-2500
  • Andrea Poulis is Jim’s music partner, label co-owner at Sonic Deli Records in Toronto and best friends for nearly 25 years. Email her with any news or just to offer support.

We need cheering, you?

Chicago has gas

Always knew a cow would eventually become a hero in the Windy City.  Since the Cubs have their goat and all. 😉

 Uber aquí

Just in time for Spring Break, hit Tijuana in style. Uber will get you there close. One-way only but that’s moot. It’s Mexico. How lucky you feeling?

Failure to communicate

Meet a bozo who opted to use the ‘I’m high on drugs’ alibi when the cops eventually pulled him over.

miwilalupa-bandito 200Music this week from
MiWi La Lupa “Ended Up Making Love” title track off his new album out today. Fun Q & A here. Skating Polly “Cosmetic Skull” Kelli Mayo and Peyton Big Horse with some “ugly pop” off The Big Fit that dropped today, March 25th.
Weird Al Yankovic “Dare to Be Stupid”

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