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#199 Dang Revenuers

by 2Kens on April 10, 2012

Tit for Tax

Fake boobs. Free beer. Arsonist fee. Since the Boston Harbor social, people have tried to sneak the the wackiest deductions past the Tax Man. Some of ’em worked! Are you smarter than an IRS examiner? Find out.

Toilet trained…

Where most tweets belong.

When in Rome…

And here you thought it impossible to ruin the decorum. Ask that nice make-believe gladiator (Don’t snap his pic!)

Tramp stamp…

Would be an improvement for this bozo. Our Moment of DUH! reveals two oddities of Idaho living. Besides living there, we mean.

Tuneage includes “Tax Man” by The Beatles, “Tax My Farts” by Jim Larson and “Taxes” by the Nashville Session Players.

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