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Thou shalt not steal or thou shalt sh*t

#158 Divine Metamucil

by 2Kens on August 22, 2011

Friar Tucks…

Montezuma’s revenge can’t hold a prayer candle to the Curse of Michelangelo. If God listens to a group of Franciscan friars a certain bible thief in Italy is going to get more than his soul cleansed. Let he who is without sin listen to this week’s show.

Gee Officer Bob can I try that?…

Are you smarter than a 12 year old. If you’re part of a small town Georgia police force, the answer is “NO.”

Plus the smooth R & B sound of Rod Clemmons who has taken his music career to heights few sighted singer-songwriters and Broadway music directors have ever soared.

Look what VIP listeners get…

Attention, K-MART shoppers: beware of the JOKER in the Gun department who makes Batman’s nemesis look like Alfred Pennyworth. Looking for a low-tech deterrent to car theft? Here’s one that works every time (or should). Yet another bozo who thought (wrongly) that with a full tank (his bloodstream) he could drive pretty much anything. Or how about the moron motorist who used a tactic to stop a car with no brakes that’s as old as the Flintstones.

How do you get all this??

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