Because mankind's capacity for stupidity is limitless

#157 Crash Dummies

by 2Kens on August 15, 2011

Road tests for dmmies

Only other explanation?…

Population control. Why else would someone put up uttlerly baffling road signs? We found nine more just as stupid as this one. Oh, and a classified ad for a crash test dummy for sale! It has to be the drinking water.

Snooki’s got gamey game…

Have you heard? Jersey’s Shore’s poster bimbo plans to pitch her own perfume line. Luckily, funny lady Caprice Crane has the perfect ad slogan.

Look what VIP listeners get…

Bonus laughs for Very Important Patriots

Even Jim Henson would agree, this time the PC mob has gone too far. Demolition Derby for high brow drunks. Fed up with bad food, lost luggage and faulty appliances? There’s an APP for that! Our tip of the week: How not to stiff a cabbie for the fare. Plus the sultry, smack your face folk-rock, blues & jazz of LA’s May McDonough & Company! Not just one, but two tunes off their new album, ‘Spilt Milk.’ (Be sure to check out May’s blog post “thank you” to the RIAA 😉 )

How do you get all this?? 

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