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#151 Paul Revere Rides Again!

by 2Kens on July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day, America!

Let the backyard BBQs and fireworks begin! Unless you live on the street, sleeping in doorways and cars, that is. Then the 4th of July is pretty much like the 3rd, with the promise of more of the same on the 5th.

Know what? 1 in 4 of those invisible homeless you only notice at stoplights is a Veteran. A whole lot of ’em fought to preserve the freedoms all of us often take for granted. We owe them so much more. Let’s start by helping them reclaim their dignity.

We’ve joined Voices United for Veterans!

Let the lanterns of revolution shine again. From Boston’s Old North Church, to the San Francisco Bay, tell them we’re coming! We dedicate this week’s comedy show to our heroes who’ve temporarily lost their way. Laugh with us — then give to help them take back their lives.
Music from Tricked Out Country.

BONUS … The above is our short show.
Want the long one every week for a YEAR?

Visit Voices United for Veterans and donate $25 or more. You’ll get our VIP* show – for the next 12 months!! That’s 52 weeks of VIP treatment for less than you’ll drop tomorrow at Starbucks!

Just our way of saying THANK YOU! for helping homeless Veterans.

*Very Important Patriot
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