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#130 My Vermin Valentine

by 2Kens on February 14, 2011

Text me Father for I have sinned

Every love story, whether told in literary classics or whispered over the back fence, is an emotional  roller coaster. Bumps, bliss, bizzare beginnings, poorly chosen gifts and – if you stay together long enough – the odd obit, seemingly written more to amuse its reader than to honor the dearly departed. Our Valentines Day show has all that- and something else. The means for some dog-housed spouse in the heat of domestic unrest to hear the other scream, “you little cockroach!

Other stuff we didn’t make up … an iPhone app for busy Catholics on the go .. a stupid criminal whose intent was to boost a convenience store but wound up having the day from hell .. and our Bad Guy Tip-o-The-Week to the bank robber who made one glaring mistake. (hint: would Norm try to stick up Cheers?]

Music for lovers… two indie artists share their V-Day tunes. SJ Tucker from Memphis and the Michael Lee Band from Houston. SJ writes and sings like a faerie minstrel, her sound a mystical blend of folk, blues, Celtic and comedy. She’s been compared to Ani DiFranco, Joni Mitchell and Tori Amos. Michael Lee’s music is what you might get if The Foo Fighters got it on with David Bowie.

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