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#128 Shameless Solicitation

by 2Kens on January 31, 2011

Louisville TV station suffers WTF moment

Memo to sponsors…

Now that we’ve hit 10,000 unique listeners a month (minor bruises, relax), shouldn’t your brand be associated with stupid stuff? We name five perfect sponsors for us that you’ve never heard of. Just sayin.

Our annual list of sandwiches and drinks that will kill you is here. Take notes. The in-laws are due to show up any day now.

Other stuff we didn’t make up this week… Catholics, assure your place in heaven- friend the Pope … Official state stuff — goofy stuff starting with Utah … Our Great White North correspondant, Nick from BC Canada drops a dose of dumb on us … We learn the German word for “Never trust your GPS”… Give ya some great job interview tips– if you don’t want to work… and much more in our super-sized 35+ minute edition!

LYVA’s here…

Lynda McLaughlin & Valeria Gurka, aka LYVA bring the music this week and you are absolutely going to fall in love with their sound! We spin two tunes off their new “Not Yet” EP. The ladies remind us – a lot – of Canadian sensations, Dala, whom we discovered spotlighted eons ago. By the way, check out the video LYVA shot to introduce themselves. It has one rockin’ tip for Indie artists struggling with the BUSINESS side of music.

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