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#111 Hello Comcast?

by 2Kens on November 29, 2010

Internet down? Visit us online for help.

One of us lost his Internet connection Sunday night, just hours ahead of the Mrs. plans to bankrupt us using just a single credit card and her index finger. Tech support was a big help, as you will hear. Good thing we’re pg-13.

Is that a drumstick in your pocket or? …

Odd things happen around  Thanksgiving. Let’s see… there’s the jerk in Brooklyn who swore he never swiped the turkey breast, last seen protruding from his pants crotch. Then we had those three clowns in northern California who stole a tree, but had the courtesy to call the cops while doing the crime (thanks to Dave M. for that story!). Oh, and don’t forget all the junk people stuff down their garbage disposals the last Thursday of November (thank you Roto-Rooter). Press the PLAY button above and we’ll tell you all about it.

Other dumbness we didn’t make up … the Governator gives a local TV lass a history lesson … how they settle close elections in Nevada …  and a dopey study about why Scots pay less attention to folks with an accent (they don’t have one, ya know).

Musical guestThe Jamez Band! That’s James Fairs’ new group. He was co-founder, principle songwriter, producer and guitarist for the 1960’s mid-western cover-band, The Cryan’ Shames. Their cover tunes ruled the Chicago radio charts between 1966 and 1969. You may remember their biggest cover hit: “Sugar & Spice” (the Searchers).

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