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#96 NASCAR Wives Speed Diet

by 2Kens on August 16, 2010

Somebody fix this. APSA!

Jersey Shore from jail…

Certainly would be easier on the cast. Cops finally nab another of the show’s so-called stars. (not Snooki this time) Our favorite TV news site, KENS-5 in San Antonio told us so.

Ladies, start your engines…

If you’re looking to shed a few pounds, go for speed. Check out the NASCAR Wives Diet. Saw it in Woman’s World magazine (nothing else to do at the checkout). We make a pit stop for a second opinion from our favorite Yankee-turned-redneck, Larry from Georgia.

And his nickname is Boobie…

A Chicago man just might have the distinction of being the stupidest criminal we’ve ever had the pleasure of telling you about. You think you have bad days? This guy makes a career of them.

How do you spell school?

If you know would you please tell the Public Works department in Guilford County, North Carolina. They’re a bit cunphuzed.

Musical guest: “The Famous.”  This San Francisco-based band mixes Americana with alternative Country and post-punk rock. They’ve been compared to Drive-by Truckers & Social Distortion, and take their musical influences from the likes of Buck Owens, Johnny Cash and The Pixies.

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